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Walk and Eat: Disco Park

I love walking to wherever I’m going for dinner or drinks in the evening. Or, eating and then walking. Or, best of all, the expanded program: walking, eating, and watching the sunset. Pick up food, walk somewhere, and have a pick-a-nick while watching the sunset. I have one secret Seattle place where I do that often, and I’m sorry, but I’ll never reveal it. But a second place I love to go, and that I will share, is Discovery Park in Magnolia.


Disco Park is a huge and amazing green space in our beautiful city. There are lots of walking trails, and many places where you can access the shore. To watch the sunset, find your way to the beach—here’s a map of the trails. Every time I go not only do I think “why don’t I come here more often?” I also am amazed that so few other people are around. I think Seattleites forget about it because it’s tucked away in Magnolia.

To cover the “eat” part of “walk and eat”, if you’re walking through Magnolia, pick up some yums at Ichiro Sushi and Teriyaki. Or, if you’re coming through Ballard, get a burger or whatnot at The Sloop. From Ballard, you can walk through Chittenden Locks park and over the bridge to get to Disco.

It might be a bit creepy after sunset. So, go with friends. Or like a friend of mine told me, if someone gets in your space, punch them as hard as you can and then run like hell. Either way, take advantage of this great outdoor space in Seattle.

You’ll get exercise, great food, and a gorgeous sunset. And you’ll officially be part of the “eat and walk” program.