Walk and Drink: Westcrest Park, Dubsea Coffee, and Noble Barton

Seems like many people live in Seattle because they love the outdoors. At least, that’s what they tell me. If that’s your line, prove it! One great place to build your evidence is Westcrest Park.


Westcrest is a large, diverse green space in large and diverse White Center. It has an amazing grassy playground on a hill, with a great panoramic view of the city skyline. If you have kids, make note that the expansive playground has a couple ziplines. Next time I go I might just elbow the toddlers aside and take a spin. What are they going to do, tell on me?

There’s also an off-leash dog area, and a community p-patch. Much of Westcrest is also woods, full of walking paths and with a sense of silence and ancient growth that’s hard to find in any city. As with a lot of Seattle green space, I’m left wondering why city dwellers aren’t heading here in droves. Don’t make me wonder any longer—come check it out. And bring your friends, your dogs or your kids.

The first few years I lived in Seattle, White Center was a no-man’s land for me. Most of my friends and neighbors had never been there. They had warned me about the supposed high crime and generalized anxiety of it being a “depressing area”.

There’s a bit of truth with the crime concern, as it’s higher here as opposed to some other Seattle neighborhoods. Then again, I’ve been coming to the neighborhood for several years, and other than running into friendly neighbors and business owners, I’ve had zero run-ins with nefarious no-goodniks.

And it’s in no way a “depressing area”. It has amazing natural beauty, pretty houses and buildings, fun small businesses, and, keeping with the title of this post, places to DRINK. So let’s say you’ve made it to Westcrest Park. You’ve run your dogs, walked with your friends, elbowed kids aside to ride the zipline, laid in the sun or rain, and maybe stolen a cherry tomato from the community p-patch. Now you think you’re ready to get walking to the “Drink” part of “Walk and Drink.”

A ton of good choices for you in White Center. The two we made while “researching” this post: Dubsea Coffee and also the bar/restaurant Noble Barton. Dubsea Coffee has a sleek, industrial-y interior with 2-D and 3-D art from local artists scattered on shelves and walls. They serve Stumptown Coffee. They have pastries from Macrina, among others. This is a great place to spend some time, and to get coffee for the sucker who’s driving you home after you drink at…

….Noble Barton. It’s on the main drag in White Center, and opened in the last year. NobleBartonBarShotThese are the same owners who run Jules Maes in Georgetown. They have beer, wine, cocktails, food, outdoor seating…what don’t they have?? Noble Barton also has a row of old-school arcade games in a backroom. Not really my thing, but if it’s yours, you’ll be that much happier when you visit.

Besides DRINK, we had the reuben, the soup of the day (vegie—lentil—sausage), and bacon burger. No, we’re not vegetarians, and yes, it was all delicious. Next time, I’m trying the falafel. And there will be many next times for me in White Center.