Company Bar: The Revenant?

White Center is the crazy, we-are-who-we-are, no bs, we-don’t-care-where-you-bought-your-yoga-clothes community where Company Bar lives. The neighborhood is scrappy, hard-working, and about to hit the big time. companybarWhen you want a neighborhood to come to life, schools and small business are the engine. Company Bar provides some of the fuel for that engine….delicious fuel. And lots of music.

I like all kinds of bars, but I especially like the kind where I can sit at the bar just people-watching, and chatting with strangers while waiting for my friends. In fact, I usually get to bars early just so I can have some solitude to do that. Company Bar is one of those. The people behind the bar are welcoming and friendly—clearly, they love it, they want us to love, and, we love it!

Which brings me to the title (The Revenant?). Company Bar has been an anchor business in White Center since 2011. A couple weeks ago, the owner Jesse Lovell announced on Facebook that he’s closing his doors, and looking for a new owner: “February 29th will be our last day and I will do everything I can to facilitate a smooth transition for the bar to reopen quickly under new ownership.”

Darn it. We stopped by on Thursday, and the bartender told us “it was looking hopeful, but no transaction has taken place.” I messaged Jesse today and hope to hear good news. I’ll update this post if I hear there’s a new owner (or, if you hear anything, message us on our FB page). I hope this post is an announcement, not an obituary.