# 42 of 100 Things I Love about Seattle

 Golden_GardensGolden Gardens is a magic kingdom of space and ocean. It’s fun in the summer. You can even build a fire and sneak in alcohol (although you didn’t hear it from me).

But it’s now, in the Seattle winter, that it’s at peak visiting time. Depending on the time of day and the weather, you can sometimes have the beach to yourself. I can even handle the drizzle and gray when I’m there—it makes sense at Golden Gardens. So if the weather is giving you SAD, take a field trip here. (Photo by Joe Mabel.)

4 thoughts on “# 42 of 100 Things I Love about Seattle”

  1. The best Park during the Seattle winter, is by far the Sound Garden. The windier, the better. It’s located inside NBA, next to Sandpoint, so check the link for hours.

  2. I love Golden Gardens in the summer when its full of Seattle residents and visitors and abuzz with activity. I don’t think anyone would agree that winter is peak visiting time. It’s often very grey, cold and raining. I would encourage everyone to visit in the summer.

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