# 22 of 100 Things I Love about Seattle

BallardRailwayStation2When I was looking for my first home in Ballard in 2005, I got lost. On NW 57th St where it hits 37th Place NW, I turned south onto a gravel and dirt road to turn my car around. What I found made me fall in love forever with Ballard. It was the train station pictured here.

Seeing that sign and station suddenly connected Ballard integrally with the rest of the continent. It made Ballard both a sweet neighborhood, and the portal to parts far away.


I’m looking into specific plans for this train stop and will write more about that soon. If you’re curious, you can read a bit about Washington State rail plans here.  In the meantime, I love thinking about the possibility of walking from my house to this platform and stepping aboard a train that takes me where ever I want to go.

(Photos by Ed McKillop)


2 thoughts on “# 22 of 100 Things I Love about Seattle

  1. Ed McKillop

    Thanks very much for posting my pictures. I’m also a fan of this train station and Ballard. The fishing boats and bridges remind me of where I grew up near Gloucester, MA.

    1. giddingsplaza Post author

      And thanks to you for providing the photos for this post, Ed! We’re happy to showcase talented Seattle artists.

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