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Random Night Out

We love cities. And we love Seattle.  We’re two friends who were out drinking one night, and decided to share our love of all random things Seattle. Sure, we were out at a bar, but we do all kinds of things in and around the city. We’re going to write about them. And we hope you write back! Add comments whenever you want, we’d love to read them.

You might be asking: “What bar were you at (perhaps drinking a bit too heavily) when you decided to create this blog?” Star Brass Works Lounge in Georgetown. Georgetown is the best—gritty, friendly, low-key, with a good urban vibe. I’m guessing you already know the area. If you don’t, no need to admit it—just take a quick look at this map (the red star marks Star Brass Works Lounge).


Eric was our bartender. In the piccie, he’s just about to work one of his best magic tricks: pouring a drink. All kinds of friendly people were at the bar that night. One man, though, won the triple crown of bar prizes: most drunk, most talkative, and most opinionated. The opinionated came into play when he started disparaging high consumption of crap in our society, especially around Christmas. We agreed with him on that.

He was just talking crap, and some ideas might have gotten lost or mistranslated in the slurring of words. The real moral of this story is: when you’re out and about in Seattle, talk to your fellow citizens. If you do it while you’re at a bar, you’re also spending money locally. Way better than supporting high consumption by buying weird, mass-produced items. That’s right, what I’m saying is, going out drinking is a great way to support Seattle.


To sum up our first post: visit Star Brass Works Lounge! While you’re at it, take a walk around Georgetown. Let us know what you think.

Cheers to a random 2014 in Seattle!

–Carola Klass